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Nuga Tape

Packing Tape and Stretch Film Manufacture

Nuga Tape; We have stepped into the production of packing tape with the production track established with the latest technology in the Kartal district of Istanbul. From the first day we were founded, our top priority has been to provide our customers with the quality and durability of the manufacturer. It believes in the power of domestic production and to all companies operating in our country; We are happy to produce packing tape.

In this proud adventure that we embarked on with the idea of being the highest quality packing tape manufacturer in Turkey; we have produced millions of packing tapes for the highest quality brands, the biggest brands in their field and the brands located in different cities of our country. With R&D studies, we both improve ourselves and continue to add innovations to our industry.
We have produced and continue to produce the best quality packing tape for brands in different sectors such as e-commerce platforms, textile sector, logistics sector, food manufacturers and which are the largest in our country in their field.

We produce, grow and create value. Our primary focus is always to make valuable production, and we also see creating value as an important part of our business. Among our priority values ​​is always the happiness of our employees and their feeling of being part of our family. Because while growing up, being happy together is one of our most important duties and values.

At the end of the day, the satisfaction of our customers, with whom we do business, and the continuity of satisfaction is one of the most important values ​​for Nuga Bant. As a result, when we look at the sum of all values, the part that makes us most happy is that we have added significant value to our country with all these value judgments.

We would like to thank our colleagues who work with us, our valuable customers and stakeholders one by one.
Every time we dream, we learn to expand our vision and sail to new seas. For us,Dreams must be realizable, just as they have been up now. After years, Nuga Bant has become the biggest in Turkey by constantly renewing and developing itself in the field of printed packing tape.

Our dreams did not end at this point and as Nuga Bant, it is our dream to become the biggest producer of the packing tape industry by producing for the best quality and largest companies in the world. With the investments we have made in R&D studies, we will continuously raise our innovative structure to higher levels and we will continue to do so.

We aim to grow and expand by contributing to our country's economy and employment rates in our field. We will continue to renew and develop in this direction.
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