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Baskılı Koli Bandı

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Kahverengi Koli Bandı

Who Are We ?

One of The Best Duck Tape Manufacturer

We have produced and continue to produce the highest quality packing tape for brands in different sectors such as e-commerce platforms, the textile sector, the logistics sector, food manufacturers and which are the largest in our country in their field.

Competitive Price

High Customer Satisfaction

Our Sales Staff
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We are proud to be the pioneer of domestic production in the field of packing tape.

Variety of Parcel Tape Production
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Happy Customer
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Monthly Band Production

For us, the meanings of numbers are just as important as their size. . Thank you to all our employees and customers.

What did they say?

Nuga Bant DuckTape Manufacturer.

Customer reviews and opinions are always a very important reference point for Nuga Bant.

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